Welcome to Hancheng Microcrystalline Electronic Materials Co., Ltd

Hancheng Microcrystalline Electronic Materials Co., Ltd, established in Sept. 2014, is a provincial high-tech enterprise. Its business scope includes new materials' R&D, production and sale. We produce electronic ceramic dielectric materials, and catalytic materials (honeycomb-like ceramics, molecular sieves, and cerium zirconium solid solution, etc). The products are mainly used in high-tech industries like electronic information and communications, biocosmetics, NEVs, automobiles, industrial catalysis, solar photovoltaic filed, and aviation. The materials are always at the centre of our company development goal when we are building a platform of professionals, technological innovation, and industrial integration. We are actively improving our service system, and increasing our core competitiveness through technological innovation, maintaining product quality. Having been in the field of sensitive elements production for 25 years, we have multiple patent technologies in hand, which enables us to provide quality functional materials like barium titanate, calcium titanate, strontium titanate, aluminium titanatem, zirconium titanite, magnesium titanate, and lithium titanate, etc. We have also titanium dioxide especially for producing 5G filters & MLCC, functional materials, addictives for producing piezo-elements, giant dielectric materials materials and formula materials. We hold the proprietary right to patent technology named "A Titanium Dioxide Processing Method". Our product quality is in the lead in China, and at the forefront of the global market. We are the only enterprise in northwest China specialising in titanium dioxide, and we have achieved mass production of it. Meanwhile, with the technology in hand, we also extended production to more products such as, titanium tetrachloride water solution, miscible zirconia, the core material of high-end nitrogen-oxygen sensors, pearlescent pigments, desulfurization and denitrification exhaust catalyst products and materials. 

Technically supported by provincial R&D platform and returned professionals of doctor degree, we strive for pushing head with the quality upgrade of domestic materials, helping clients to achieve with our technology, helping our employees to achieve through the progressive culture of our company, realising our company prospect of being a globally influential supplier of materials. 


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