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Hancheng Microcrystalline Electronic Materials Co., Ltd, established in Sept. 2014, is a provincial high-tech enterprise. Its business scope includes new materials' R&D, production and sale. We produce electronic ceramic dielectric materials, and catalytic materials. Having been in the field of sensitive elements production for 25 years, we have multiple patent technologies in hand, which enables us to provide quality functional materials like barium titanate, calcium titanate, strontium titanate, aluminium titanatem, zirconium titanite, magnesium titanate, and lithium titanate, etc. We have also titanium dioxide especially for producing 5G filters & MLCC, functional materials, addictives for producing piezo-elements, giant dielectric materials materials and formula materials. We hold the proprietary right to patent technology named "A Titanium Dioxide Processing Method". With the technology in hand, we extended production to more products such as, titanium tetrachloride water solution, miscible zirconia, pearlescent pigments, desulfurization and denitrification exhaust catalyst products and materials.
< 01.
High-purity ultrafine rutile titanium dioxide
for electronic elements use
< 02.
Submicron High-purity Titanium Dioxide
Food&Cosmetic Grade
< 03.
Titanium Dioxide for Catalyst Use
catalyst use
< 04.
Titanium Dioxide for Optical Crystal Use
for optical crystal use
01.High-purity ultrafine rutile titanium dioxide

  • for electronic elements use
  • Mark:WJD-90、WJD-900、WJD-2000
  • Product use: apply to MLCC, LTCC, 5G filter, piezoelectric element such as high-end electronic materials.
02.The high purity titanium dioxide submicron level

  • Food and Cosmetics grade
  • Mark:WJH-50、WJH-90、WJH-900
  • Product use: cosmetic grade titanium dioxide in cosmetics have cover, oil absorption, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, etc.
03. Catalyst with nano adding titanium dioxide

  • Catalyst class
  • Mark:WJC-15W
  • Product use: has a large number of using in denitration and desulphurization catalyst industry , as catalyst of automobile tail gas treatment, circulation service life of more than 5 years.
04.Optical crystal with high purity titanium dioxide

  • Photoelectric crystal class
  • Mark:WJG-200
  • Product use: the visible and near infrared spectral region through good performance.
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